Mobile Bars

In a lot of cases a bar is often an after-thought, but it is actually one of the most important parts of any event and we feel it deserves a little more consideration. A badly set-up and stocked bar can be a downer on any party, especially if the range of refreshments is very limited, or guests have to queue too long to be served. This is where East Coast Bars can make all the difference.


We offer a large range of products, including a range of draught bitters and lagers, spirits, wines, bottled beers, and soft drinks. We will also happily arrange any other item to your requirements.




There are two main options for bar hire:


Cash Bar - This is a standard bar where all guests pay for drinks as they would in a pub


Open Bar - You have an open tab, this means the bar is free to guests, you can have a tab limit the bar then becomes a cash bar



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Don't need a Full Bar?

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